Project Launch Catapult

Project Launch / Catapult is a fun, competitive program where teams use their creative brain power and problem solving skills to construct a working catapult which, when completed, will launch various objects for distance and accuracy.

Group Size: 25 to 1800+

Team Size: 8-10 Program Length: 1.5 to 2 hours

Space Requirement: 
Large outdoor space or very large indoor space (ballroom, gym, or similar large open meeting space)

The task begins with each team inspecting the materials –hands-off for the first 10 minutes – to take inventory and sketch an initial catapult design. 

At the word GO, teams will access the materials and start building. With only 30 minutes in this initial phase to build and test the launcher, there is no time to waste. During this timeframe, the teams may go to the junkyard as many times as they like: however, whatever is taken must be used. This keeps teams from hording the materials and supplies.

Catapults are put to the test during two separate launch phases which truly add to the challenge and fun. The first phase is the “launch-for-distance” competition utilizing a grid where measurements are determined in 5 foot increments.

To share the fun and ensure full participation, we rotate team members through the various roles. At the end of the first round, points are tallied and the scores displayed.

The second phase tests the “distance-and-accuracy” of the launcher with team members catching objects in containers of various sizes and at different distances. The pressure to perform is high, as each team attempts to maximize points.

Team Building Elements:

  • Communication Skills
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Goal Setting
  • Competition
  • Trust and Relationships
  • Planning and Accountability
  • Physicality
  • Collaborative Idea Sharing

Winning Teams will receive Awards medals!


  • Event Coordination
  • Event Staff
  • Tools
  • Materials and Supplies
  • Sound and Music