Philanthropic Art of Giving Techno Scavenger Hunts

Philanthropic Art of Giving TechnoHunts are the ultimate technology-driven scavenger hunts with the ability to bring happiness through art! Your group will experience the cool interactive features of our TechnoHunts App which delivers text, audio and video to each team’s Smart Tablet.

Group Size: 15 to 750+
Team Size: 5 to 10
Program Length: 1 to 2.5 hours

This challenging and exciting corporate event encourages your teams to think SMART, as they use Tablets to find landmarks, solve clues, answer trivia, search for items, perform tasks, complete challenges, take photographs and capture video during the hunt. The teams will be guided around the property to complete these fun challenges and earn points. At the various locations, the teams will take pictures of their adventure.

Photo opportunities are themed to the teams posing for pictures of giving back – posing with bears, sitting on bikes, doing random acts of kindness. The pictures are then transformed into a 3’x3’ Mosaic print that will be donated to a charity of your choice. It is a donation that keeps giving.

Why Techno Scavenger Hunts are so smart…

  • TechnoHunts are designed so participants can create their own strategies by selecting the order of their challenges.
  • TechnoHunts can employ two-way messaging, keeping teams connected with the Hunt Master who tracks them using GPS technology.
  • TechnoHunts can even be designed with manned challenge stations for a more Amazing Race-type hunt.
  • TechnoHunts can follow each team as the hunt is in progress, sending instant messages to directly interact with them. This feature allows us to drop hints, change timetables and give out additional clues and missions.
  • TechnoHunts can even quiz teams with work-related questions while the hunt is in progress, helping to determine whether the information from the previous workshops and presentations has been absorbed!
  • TechnoHunts ensure your teams never lose connectivity to their game because our TechnoHunts App is stored on the tablet.


  • Event Coordination
  • Event Staff
  • All Materials and Supplies
  • Maps
  • Clues
  • Tablets
  • Mosaic Artwork Awards

Key Points:

  • Each team receives their own 8” tablet
  • Teams receive immediate feedback on answers and photo creativity
  • Scoring is complete as the teams enter the room and photos are showing on the screen