Motor City Madness Car Derby

This event is the ultimate in teamwork, skill development, use of resources and trust, as teams build various styles of cars. NASCAR has nothing to compare with these racers! Your teams will build and decorate a car that will race for distance against other entries to see who will get to the Winner’s Circle.

Program Length: 1 to 1.5 hours

Group Size: 25 to 1000+ Team Size: 8 to 10

Program Length: 1.5 to 2.5 hours

Each team receives a unique owner profile which outlines the car’s look, speed and budget. Planners will develop the construction budget, timeline and materials list for purchase. Supervisors will insure the team follows the timeline and budget guidelines, as well as assign various tasks and supervise the project. Builders will pimp the ride (perform the actual hands-on labor).

Teams are provided small tires, wooden axles, tools and limited materials and supplies. Teams develop a blueprint, build a car complete with chassis and body, pass a safety inspection and then “Let the Race Begin”. For the less physical folks, there is also a racing suit to be designed, as well as a team chant.

After the construction is complete, the gravity-powered cars race for the gold. Ingenuity and teamwork are the focus of this fast-paced event that puts the “T” in Teamwork!

Everyone has a dream car: that one special automobile that is fashioned for style, comfort and speed. Just like on the television series, you’ll get a chance to “pimp” someone else’s ride. Your group will be divided into teams made up of planners, supervisors and builders. The goal: to build a model car to the “owner’s” specifications.

Teams will be judged not only on their teamwork, but meeting budget and building within specification. The final challenge will be a series of races on a downhill plywood track.
Do you want to build consensus in your group? Do you want to strengthen communication skills while promoting a sense of camaraderie? Then ‘Pimp Your Ride’ – it’s the best deal on wheels!

Team Building Elements:

  • Communication Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Planning and Accountability
  • Collaborative Idea Sharing
  • Trust and Relationships
  • Competition
  • Physicality
  • Creative Problem Solving


  • Event facilitators and master of ceremonies
  • Sound and Music
  • Building stations
  • Toolbox supplies
  • Team packets
  • Racing décor
  • Race track
  • Prize medals for Best Pit Crew, 1st and 2nd Place Race Teams and Best Overall Team