Bridge Building

Our Bridge Building program involves numerous sub-teams working together utilizing their project management skills and creative ingenuity. The ultimate goal is to build an actual bridge which has the strength and integrity to support the weight of a manned golf cart driven across it!

Group Size: 30 to 1000+
Team Size: 6 to 10
Program Length: 2.0 to 3 hours

There are two amazing aspects of this bridge building game. First, each section will be an independent and colorful artistic representation of the organization’s future mission and goals, and second, the structure is assembled using only cardboard and duct tape as the principal building materials.

Team leaders are chosen and are responsible for ensuring tight deadlines are met. Each team will delegate roles including cardboard cutters, column designers, decorators, and builders. 

Team leaders will be called together at three occasions to discuss and share strategies and timing with the other teams. These meetings are critical since all of the teams must complete their sections simultaneously.

The finished product of this bridge building game is a wonderfully creative interpretation of the current status and future vision of the organization. After proving the integrity of the bridge with the golf cart, the entire team will gather on the bridge for group photos.

Space Requirement:
Group dependent – large flat grassy field or very large indoor space like a ballroom.

We select the most pertinent activities based on a needs assessment reflecting your groups goals and desired outcomes.


  • Event Coordination
  • Event Staff
  • Sound and Music
  • Building stations
  • Materials and Supplies
  • Medals for two teams