Salsa / Mixologist Challenge

This “MIXOLOGIST CHALLENGE” combines creativity with culinary skill. The tone of your challenge will be set as teams come into the ballroom, or meeting site, to fun upbeat music.

Duration: 1.5-2.0 Hours

Minimum: 10 participants. Recommend teams of 8-10 members

Themed décor will likewise set the stage for an enjoyable and upbeat event. The participants will have tables equipped with mixing spoons, knives, cutting boards, plastic aprons, markers, utensils and the availability of blenders. In the center of the room will be an ingredient “marketplace.” This is where participants will select ingredients to make their recipes unique.

Within the allotted amount of time, each team must create a recipe, prepare their dish, develop a team name, design a team logo and market their creation. The challenges can also include creating a signature Crepe. All of these tasks will require organization, so a team captain should be designated from the start.

It will be the captain’s responsibility to delegate assignments to the rest of the team. While each team member will have a specific assignment, they must all work together, if they are to win over the judge’s taste buds.

We will have a chef from the culinary institute to assist in the preparation of the crepes.

This fun hands-on program is designed to keep everyone involved from the cutting, slicing and dicing to the creative marketing crew. The teams create their own salsa name, logo and fantastic table, team chant and presentation. The panel of judges take the risky taste test, grade the teams on creativity, table presentation, chant and teamwork.

Once the preparations are completed, the culinary capers begin!

Each team will perform their “Chant” and present their dish to the judges. Participants will be judged on creativity, presentation and taste. Judges can either be members of the participating company or event staff. A head judge will be provided to aid in program flow and scoring. This fine panel of judges will then sample and score all creations based on the best tasting, the spiciest, and other criteria.
Each team member receives a bandanna for identification, and a plastic apron for decorating.

The table decorations are up to the teams to create.The teams go to the marketplace to choose their ingredients; fruits, mixers and flavorings. We pre-pour the tequila for portion control

Teams are awarded medals for Best Taste, Best Presentation and Culinary Champion.


  • Event facilitators and master of ceremonies
  • Sound and Music
  • Spices, Knives, Spoons, Bowls, Cutting Boards
  • Team packets
  • Award medals for Culinary Champion, Best Taste and Best Presentation