Food Truck Challenge

Have your teams be part of one of the most popular gastronomical challenges of our time. The Food Truck craze is one of the most popular and casual dining experiences around.

Duration: 90 minutes to 2.0 Hours Recommend teams of 8-10 members

We have taken the Food Truck from the chassis to the banquet table.

Each team will be provided a blank façade (24” x 50’’) of the side of a food truck. The teams will design the façade of their “table top” truck with a logo and name.

Teams design a logo for their aprons that represent their team.

The teams have 3 cuisines to choose from-

  • Southwest – teams can make various types of street tacos, quesadillas, salsa and guacamole.
  • All-American – teams can make their own style of grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • The Tailgater – teams can make brats, hotdogs or mini-burgers of their choice.

Each team is provided burners, pots and pans and all necessary utensils, spices and non-perishable items. Within the allotted amount of time, each team must create a recipe, prepare their SIGNATURE dish, develop a team name, design a team logo and market their creation and decorate their Food Facade.

All of these tasks will require organization, so a team captain should be designated from the start. It will be the captain’s responsibility to delegate assignments to the rest of the team. While each team member will have a specific assignment, they must all work together, if they are to win over the judge’s taste buds.

Your group will divide into teams whose goal will be to create an award winning FOOD TRUCK SPECIALTY from scratch! Ingredients will be supplied, but the recipe will be totally up to the team.

While some team members are making the salsa other team members will create team chants/commercials and decorate the side of a Food Truck Façade: that will enhance their marketing presentation.

This fun hands-on program is designed to keep everyone involved from the cutting, slicing and dicing to the creative marketing crew. The teams create their own salsa name, logo and fantastic table, team and salsa presentation.

The panel of judges take the risky taste test, grade the teams on creativity, table presentation, chant and teamwork. Once the preparations are completed, the culinary capers begin!

Teams are awarded medals for Best Taste, Best Presentation and Culinary Champion.

The cost includes:

  • Event facilitators and master of ceremonies
  • Sound and Music
  • Spices, Knives, Spoons, Bowls, Cutting Boards
  • Team packets
  • Award medals for Culinary Champion, Best Taste and Best Presentation