“Who Dun IT?” TECHNO Scavenger Hunt

This fun program is based on the board game CLUE where the teams attempt to solve a fun murder mystery. Our fast-paced team building event challenges teams to navigate through a series of clues and problem solving challenges as they complete the circuit.

Teams are provided a tablet that will ask questions and provide clues, and an investigation packet for their challenge.

Each team will:

  • Identify fingerprints
  • View a visual room layout,
  • Answer questions on the case they are investigating
  • Determine the weapon used
  • SOLVE the CASE

Every character has the means and motive to commit the crime. Your job, as a team, is to figure out who acted on that motive and how he or she did it

The program includes:

  • Program Design
  • Event Staff
  • Event Coordination
  • Clues and Challenges
  • Props
  • All Materials and Supplies
  • Awards
  • Sound and Music