Scavenger Hunt Olympics

This is a high-energy program that’s fun for all ages and athletic abilities. The Amazing Race Olympics is a combination of Fun Olympic Style Games, Trivia and Knowledge Quiz’s, chant and flag making.

Following the group warm-up, your very own VIP will light the Torch of Teamwork as the games begin.

Go for the Gold Olympics is a great way to build team spirit. The program has specially designed high-energy events that will have the participants in your group cheering for weeks.

Each game will have multiple lanes to ensure a smooth flow for the participants (2-4 lanes at each location). The games are fully staffed to make sure the rules are followed

The group will be divided into teams of 8-10 members and rotate through the games. The scoring system is specially designed to keep all of the teams in the hunt for the GOLD until the very end.

The Torch lighting will start the games with the torch runners moving through the crowd. The teams will have a fun warm up and then let the games begin!!! We will create signage for each of the games to tie in with the long term care theme.

Dizzy Frisbee Throw
Teams toss Frisbees to the catcher holding a large net. This fast paced game requires speed, accuracy and lots of laughter.

Ball Brigade
Teams line up in a single file line. When the whistle blows, the team passes balls overhead and one person stuffs them in a container. This game is fast and competitive without ever leaving the line.

Flatland Skis
In this fun race, the team’s race back and forth on 4-person ski’s towards the finish line.

Giant Tricycles
Riders race through a slalom course on these giant adult sized 3- wheeled trikes. The trikes are towing a trailer that they load with boxes. The teams load the wagon and then receive points based on the number of boxes that are delivered at the end of the race.

Golf Chipping
Team members rotate chipping at Velcro targets. Each member takes 2 shots and rotates to the back of the line.

Sports Challenge
The teams are challenged in an inflatable sports challenge of Football Toss, Basketball Shot, Baseball and Soccer Shot, and Hockey Slapshot. Team members alternate shots to earn maximum points.

Domino Tip It
The team members are provided oversized dominos. Each team member runs down the lane in relay style and sets the domino upright at the table. Once all of the dominos are set, the dominos are tipped and, as they fall, they must ring a bell.

The rotations are designed to provide the most activity and the least amount of watching. Each rotation will last approximately 15 minutes with all of the teams moving to the next challenge together. The rotations allow two to four teams to compete at the same time. This fun event allows for some laughter, a good flow, and very little down time.


  • Event Staff
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Sound and Music
  • Games and Challenges Awards