Pipeline is a synergistic building game in which sub-teams rely on organizational communication to build a large marble delivery system with interconnected segments. Construction materials may include: bamboo, plastic PVC piping, rope and tying materials. 

Teams start with a fun and challenging activity which acts as a training component and plays an integral part in the latter stages of this multifaceted event.

Group Size: 30 to 1,000+
Team Size: 5 to 8
Program Length: 1 to 2 hours

Once these critical skills are locked in, each team will collaborate to carefully plan their building strategy.

Excellent organizational communication and collaboration with other teams is essential as marbles must freely travel from one end to the other, aided only by the laws of physics!

Each component of this great team building game is designed to give participants the opportunity to contribute in the concept, design, purchasing and production of the Pipeline – analogous to a real-world product delivery system.

After an exciting testing phase to expose and correct any inadequate links, participants will witness the very first successful delivery along the entire length of their structure!


  • Event Coordination
  • Event Staff
  • All Materials and Supplies
  • Sound and Music
  • Awards