Beach Olympics

This fun high-energy program is designed for team members of all physical and athletic abilities.

On your mark! Get set! Go teams! Beach Games will raise your team spirit with this wacky, high-energy competitive challenge. Go for the Gold is a great way to build team spirit. The program has specially designed high-energy events that will have the participants in your group cheering for weeks.

Your group will be divided into teams and that will rotate through events that are based around actual beach activities. The events can be adjusted based on venue size. Teams will be formed and provided colored bandanas for easy identification.

Next the opening ceremony commences with the lighting of the “Torch of Teamwork” by your very own VIP. 

With music in the background, your teams will rotate through fun outdoor games which may include: Wacky Relays, Bucket Brigade, Dizzy Discus, Flatland Skis, Water Bomb Launch, Team Shot Put, Team Anthem and more.

The event layout can be adjusted based on venue size and location. 

This program can be themed and customized for your group and our exclusive scoring system is designed to keep teams competitive with each other throughout the event.

We also incorporate the philosophy of “Challenge by Choice” which offers individuals the ability to determine their level of physical participation. 

The Beach Games is an exceptional way to generate team spirit while competing for the opportunity to stand on the winner’s podium and receive the Gold, Silver or Bronze medals. We provide all the props, audio equipment and award medals for the top three teamsThe group is divided into teams of 8-10 members who will rotate through the following activities:

Wacky Relay- Teams wear flippers, goggles, straw hats, oversized Hawaiian shirts, life preservers and balance a beach ball on a tennis racquet as each team member moves down the relay course.

Rapid Frisbee Throw- Teams toss frisbees to three teammates wearing oversized shirts. The three teammates are standing in circles that are different point values. As the frisbees are caught they are stuffed in their shirts for maximum points.

Coconut Pass—Teams pass coconuts down the line using tubes as the only means of transporting. Each of the tubes is a different length and not all of the team members have tubes. Speed and strategy are keys to the success.

Swamp Crossing- Teams 4 person skis through a course. Teamwork and coordination are the keys to success

Carmen Miranda Fruit Toss- Points are awarded for the number of pieces of fruit caught the hip baskets. The fastest hips will catch the fruit. Oh, by the way the fruit catchers wear a hula skirt, coconut bra, and bright colored scarf.

Beach Kite Bonanza – Teams build kites for their team flags. If wind allows they will fly them. If we have limited wind we will use the kite/flags during the team chant.

Ball Brigade- Teams line up in a single file line. When the whistle blows the team pass balls over head and one person stuffs them in a container. This game is fast and competitive without ever leaving the line.

No matter what games you choose, your tournament is guaranteed to provide interactive, real-time fun!

Space Requirements: Beach Olympics events can be indoors or outside with a minimum open space of 2,500 square feet and we’ll need a sound system that can play music. We will provide the cordless microphone for the event.

Each of the teams is identified by colored bandanas that we provide.


  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Medal Ceremony at the end to present Gold, Silver and Bronze medals
  • Complete event coordination
  • Master of Ceremonies and Event Staff