In Wounded Hero Care Packages, teams work through a series of engaging team building activities leading up to the assembling of care packages for our military heroes wounded in action! This is a unique opportunity to actually connect directly to our soldiers in a personal way.

The cost includes:

  • All Materials and supplies
  • Event Staff
  • Boxes
  • Shipping
  • Coordination with Military Organizations

This program will have the group divide into squads who will participate in a challenging boot camp to earn points towards the top squad. The twist to this boot camp is that the challenges are all adaptive to simulate the challenges the wounded warriors face on a daily basis.

The boot camp will be led by a drill sergeant from the armed forces and soldiers from the wounded warrior foundation will be officials for the event. Some of the challenges will have participants do the activity with impaired vision, loss of hearing, use of only one arm or leg.

The challenges include a Wheel Chair Race, Giant Tricycle Races wearing Impaired Goggles, Silent Flatland Skis, and Ball Stuff using an impaired arm (grabber).

This boot camp will leave a lasting impression of the hardships that the soldiers face.

Afterwards, the squads will pack Wounded Heroes Backpacks containing essential care and comfort items including clothing, toiletries, calling card and playing cards, all designed to make their hospital stay more comfortable. They are provided to severely wounded service members arriving at military trauma centers.

A smaller version of the WWP Backpack and Transitional Care Packs are sent directly to Iraq and Afghanistan to provide immediate comfort during a warrior’s relocation to the U.S. military trauma center.

Participants are introduced to a surprise speaker from the wounded warrior organization, who will identify the final stage of the event where teams use their points to put together the best care-package possible for our military troupes.

A personal touch will be included in the form of letters written to the recipient and a CD message recorded for each team. Our care packages will include a number of the top 20 items requested by our men and women overseas with no holds barred!

The care packages will be sent directly the Wounded Warrior Project that specialize in and cater to individuals who, for a variety of reasons (including no immediate family), rarely – if ever – receive mail from home.

These gift packages are a surprise out of the blue, providing a break from the difficult conditions and puts smiles on the faces of our extended family, telling them “We know you’re over there and we say thank you for your sacrifice!”

This is an extraordinary way to infuse your group with energy and create feelings of immense goodwill and a sense of something larger than day-to-day work challenges.

The way the pricing on the packs is done, the client can determine how many packs they would like to donate and the budget they would want to spend. We purchase the items and the group completes the backpacks.

This is a fun giving project that not only impacts the participants but also the soldiers.

You’ll be amazed at how energizing this event can be for everyone involved, and what your team can accomplish back at work after an event like this which pulls everyone together for a rewarding cause.