TIN CAN Charity Miniature Golf Course Build

Group Size: 25 to 1000+ Team Size: 6 to 10 Program Length: 1.5 to 2 hours

Space Requirement: 
100 sq. ft. per team

Eco Elements:

All materials used in this program are either reused, recycled or donated.

Canned and boxed goods and carpet are donated to local food banks, soups kitchens and shelters.

Awards are given for creativity, low score and best score and overall team. Winning Teams will receive award medals!


  • Event facilitators and master of ceremonies
  • Coordination with local charities
  • Building stations
  • Can/box goods to be donated to the food banks
  • Materials and Supplies
  • Indoor/outdoor carpet, boxes, construction paper
  • Team packets

Your group will be divided into “more-somes” for this event, which promotes camaraderie and creativity. In the tradition of the popular miniature golf course, each team will design and build a golf hole using materials supplied. The teams will use canned goods and boxed items as obstacles for the course. Creativity is the key.

Charity Miniature Golf Course Build is a fun, socially responsible team builder, requiring your group to design and create unique one-of-a-kind mini golf holes. Green “carpeting” is provided as the putting surface and canned goods, boxed goods and other building materials are provided to create bumpers, turns and special obstacle challenges.

The event has an incredible effect on the local communities and food banks. With today’s economy, the local food banks are visited more each day. In a February article in USA Today, it was reported that one out of eight Americans received emergency food help in 2011. One of five children received food from soup kitchens and food banks.

After your mini “Augusta” course has been completed, teams will choose golfers to represent them in competition play. There is a task for everybody on the team from golfers to scorekeepers and course marshals. Even experienced golfers will enjoy the challenge of this uniquely designed course.

So, whether you birdie, bogie or hole in one, your team will all feel like pros in this better-than-PGA golf classic!

Once the event is completed, the can goods are boxed and presented to a food bank and the carpet is donated to a homeless shelter for a ground cover during cold and inclement weather. All of the paper products are recycled.

A representative from the local food banks will be on hand to talk about the needs of the area and accept the donation. Once that presentation is complete, the participants will box the items, form a human chain and move the boxes to the food bank truck.

Your team will feel a sense of accomplishment and experience the joy that comes from giving to those less fortunate.