Operation Military Care

This is a unique opportunity to actually connect directly to our soldiers overseas in a personal way. The program is designed to also aid the families at home.

The cost includes:

  • All Materials and supplies Event Staff Boxes, Shipping
  • Coordination with Military Organizations

This incredible program provides care packages to the soldiers overseas but also will provide care packs to children and spouses left at home. The reason for this is the tour of duty has a huge effect on the families and many times they cannot afford the incidentals and luxuries at home.

The families will also be provided care packages of toiletries, games and prizes, a stuffed animal and a hand-made blanket.

Participants are introduced to a surprise speaker, an officer from one of the service branches, who will identify the final stage of the event where teams use their points to put together the best care package possible for our military troops.

A personal touch will be included in the form of letters written to the recipients. The teams also record a message that will be placed on a CD and placed in each of the boxes.

Our care packages will include a number of the top 25 items requested by our men and women overseas with no holds barred!

The care packages will be sent directly via hand-picked organizations that specialize in and cater to individuals who, for a variety of reasons (including no immediate family), rarely – if ever – receive mail from home.

These gift packages are a surprise out of the blue, providing a break from the difficult conditions and producing instant smiles.

This is an extraordinary way to infuse your group with energy and create feelings of immense goodwill and a sense of something larger than day-to-day work challenges.

You’ll be amazed at how energizing this event can be for everyone involved, and what your team can accomplish back at work after an event like this which pulls everyone together for a rewarding cause.