Green Thumb Beehive and Planter Building

This unique program provides an opportunity to have an impact on the environment. The teams will build a Beehive, Planters and paint designs on Trash Barrels.


  • Event Coordination
  • Event Staff
  • Planters and Hives per team
  • Barrel
  • Decorations and Paints
  • Tools
  • Materials and Supplies
  • Coordination with Charity
  • Sound and Music

The beehives and planters will be placed in community gardens, schools or donated to Veterans, the barrels will be placed at schools and in parks. This is an event that keeps giving!!!

Hives for Hope
Our nation’s food supply depends on bees. Now, you and your company can do something about this in an innovative way with Beehive Building Teambuilding Activity!

Participants are assigned to “hives” of 6-8 members, which are named for specific bee types. They first learn a bit about beekeeping, the participants jump right into the main component of the activity – each team will build a full double beehive! The room buzzes with excitement (and the sound of hammers and nails), as groups compete to finish the first high-quality beehive.

The hives are then donated to local beekeepers, who in turn donate them to disabled veterans. The beekeepers will work as mentors for the disabled veterans and teach them to take care of the hives. Many of the disabled vets need a daily purpose and the hives and planters help in that process.

The veterans will harvest the honey and we will assist in repackaging the honey and donating the honey to low income schools who will sell it as a fund raiser for their science class equipment.

This teambuilding activity will require your group to work together, make group decisions, and delegate tasks to those most suited. Most importantly, participants are guaranteed to have fun while donating to a local beneficiary, and help reverse the devastating trend of Colony Collapse Disorder!

Planter Building
The program is designed to effect the environment in a number of different ways. This will be a fun educational program for the participants and we will invite children to be part of the program.

Square yard planters are the newest craze in backyard and community gardens. The planters are 3’x3’, painted nice bright colors and filled with organic mulch. The planters allow for a good use of space and planting.

The teams will receive pre-cut lumber, tools and supplies and instruction on how to build the planters. We will have a speaker from a local nursery to talk about the benefits of the gardens and planters.

The mulch and plants will be delivered when the planters are delivered.