Build a Bed

The group is divided into teams of 6 to 8 members. During the project the group will build and decorate toddler beds, and a small dresser and makea No-Sew Blanket for the Bed. Each bed set will come compete with a set of sheets and a pillow, write a note to the child and affect a child’s life. Each bed is approximately 36” x 54” (depends on the needs of the non-profit).

The Build a Bed project is an excellent opportunity to assist children in the foster care system. Every year hundreds of children are removed from a home because they do not have a suitable sleeping arrangements. Many more children are in group homes that cannot keep up with the demand. The typical recipient of a bed is a 2-8 year old child living in a shelter,” Keegan said. “As the family moves into permanent housing the child will keep the bed, giving an important sense of continuity during a difficult time of transition.

The Build a Bed project is an excellent way to make a POSITIVE impact on a child in need.