ABC’s of Giving

Pitching in and Reaching Out. The ABC’s of Giving is a philanthropic program that has immediate, tangible results built into the process. We offer several customizable programs that will not only allow your teams to reach out to the community, but will also strengthen the sense of community within your group.

Program Type: Team Building Elements:
Problem solving, Communication, Collaboration Philanthropic, Indoor or Outdoor, Light Physical

Group Size:
20 to more than 2000 participants

The ABC’s creates an environment of good will that leaves your team with an immense feeling of satisfaction.

During the event, teams will rotate between different “Care Stations” based upon your choice of programs. They can create Care Packs that are donated to sick children or patients at burn camps. At the next station, backpacks will be stuffed with either school supplies, toys and toiletries, or needed household items such as scrubbers, spoons and pot-holders.

Custom letters of encouragement will be included in each camp pack. The Animal Snuggle Station will allow your team members to stuff and decorate bears that will be delivered to crisis centers and law enforcement agencies for children who have experienced trauma. Your team can also build and decorate rocking horses and/or wagons for smaller children. These items can be donated to local crisis centers, hospitals, or schools. The special touches that your teams applied make them something to cherish.

Another customizable camp program is our Bike Building. Building bikes is an excellent way for companies to give back to the community and provide a fun high-energy teambuilding experience for their group. Each team will build 2 bikes. For most of the children involved, typically ages 8-12, this will be their first bicycle! We can collaborate with local charities on your behalf.

You can also “go green” with our HIVES FOR HOPE program. Bees and Beehives are an incredible display of teamwork, working with a purpose and specific roles. This is a teambuilding activity is a mixture of games, information gathering and problem solving.