Team building events, games, exercises and activities help build teams, improve communications and helps to develop employee motivation. Team building games are a great way to warm up meetings, liven up conferences and improve training.

For Richard Branson at Virgin, team building events and employee motivation was the basis upon which they had began to build their businesses. ‘’We developed our business ideas in the belief that our first priority should be the people who work for the companies, then the customers, then the shareholders. If staff are motivated then customers will be happy, and the shareholders will benefit through the company’s success.” (Richard Branson)

Team building events enhance employee engagement. Engagement is not about happiness or satisfaction, but the degree to which employees connect to the company emotionally, understand how to add value and are willing to take that action. While the level of pay is important, it’s not among the Top 10 Motivators. What employees are looking for is open communication, communication that reflects the fact that senior management really understands how the work gets done, and that recognises and appreciates the individual’s efforts. Team building events are a great way to ensure that this happens in your business!

How can Team building events, Conferences and Hospitality Events positively impact on your business In a financial climate that is proving to be tough on businesses?

Well, Team Building Events help to create engaged employees – and it is Engaged Employees create Loyal Customers who in turn create Bigger Profits. Team building events, hospitality events, away days and investments in employees’ well-being and personal development are great ways of enhancing teamwork and demonstrating appreciation of employee’s contribution and value. If a company invests in its staff, the staff will invest in the company.

There is a definite link between employee engagement, team work and a company’s financial performance. In fact by organizing effective hospitality events, motivational conferences and team building events that genuinely develop communication skills and build winning relationships with staff and senior management, businesses can have a significant impact on staff engagement, customer loyalty and profit.

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