Kristine Malcolm  Co-Founder & President

 With a passion for creating synergy and enhancing communication in the corporate environment, Kristine Malcolm serves as the head of logistics  and planning for Team Dynamix.  As co-founder and president of the company, Kristine draws on both her experience in corporate leadership and  her personal experience as an international athlete. Kristine served as the operations manager for the litigation consulting group of an international  accounting firm and focused on financial reporting, group training and staffing.  As a member of an award-winning rowing crew, Kristine brings a  distinct understanding of the culture of team sports and what it takes to build synergy and promote success. Since 2003, Kristine has utilized her expertise to plan and execute great teambuilding opportunities for Team Dynamix clients.


Pat Whelan  Co-Founder & President

 Innovation. Energy. Focus. Fun! These are characteristics found in every Team Dynamix program and Pat Whelan is the “creative brain” behind  the process. In charge of program development and facilitation, Pat is passionate about improving team synergy by providing dynamic programs  tailored to a group’s theme and needs.  In the teambuilding industry since 1994, Pat is no stranger to the needs of corporate culture. Utilizing his previous leadership and sales experience, Pat creates programs that maximize networking opportunities, enhance team communication and promotes camaraderie.  Each event includes plenty of action, energy and fun!  Under Pat’s leadership, Team Dynamix has developed a positive reputation for being able to move large groups of people through multi-challenge events.

Since its inception in 2003, Team Dynamix has remained on the cutting edge as a teambuilding industry leader.