Literacy Builders

A recent federal study uncovered that an estimated 32 million adults in the USA (1 in 7) are struggling with low literacy skills. This results in their lack of ability to read anything more challenging than a children’s picture book or to understand a medication’s side effects listed on a medicine bottle.

Program includes:

  • Event Coordination
  • All Materials and Supplies
  • Tools
  • Decorations
  • Facilitators
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Sound and Music
  • Delivery of Items

Most reading problems faced by today’s adolescents and adults are the result of problems that could have been avoided or resolved in early childhood.

This program is a great way to make a difference within your community. The program has the teams building a Rocking Chair, a Reading Bench and a Bookcase that will be donated to local schools and childcare centers or a charity of choice. Hundreds of children will use the items over the years and leave a learning legacy.

Additionally, team members will design “Message of Hope Bookmarks” (with personal notes to
provide to the students who will receive the bookshelves) and a “Handprint” (cutout of the team members hand with the name of their favorite children’s book written on it).

If possible, an adult representative, as well as some of the school children will be on hand to surprise the group. The children will then join teams to put their own hand prints on the bookshelves.

Teams will also create their own storybook and sing the story to the children and other participants

This program is not a competition of speed but a competition of pride in the quality products and workmanship that the teams provide. They will all be intent on building quality items for children in need of a better library and literacy-encouraging environment.