Green Thumb Beehive and Planter Building

The program is designed to effect the environment in a number of different ways. This will be a fun educational program for the participants.


  • Event Coordination
  • Event Staff
  • Planters and Hives per team
  • Decorations and Paints
  • Tools
  • Materials and Supplies
  • Coordination with Charity
  • Sound and Music

The organizations that receive the Beehives and the Planters will use them as part of an outdoor education program.

The group will make Beehives and Square foot planters.

Square Foot Planters are the newest craze in backyard and community gardens. The planters are 1’x1’, painted nice bright colors and filled with organic mulch. The planters allow for a good use of space and planting.

The teams will receive pre-cut lumber, tools, supplies and instruction on how to build the planters. We will have a speaker from a local nursery to talk about the benefits of the gardens and planters.

The mulch and plants will be delivered when the planters are delivered.

Building Square Foot Planters helps build the bee population by providing flowering plants and vegetables for the bee to draw pollen to make honey and more flowers.

Square Foot Planters will be distributed to Habitat for Humanity built homes and community gardens to assist in the beautification of the yard and provide organic food to the community

Another part of the program is building beehives for the local community. Bees are critical to the environment, our food supply and the beauty that surrounds us.