In this fun and worthwhile charity event, your group is formed into teams that complete tasks to get the parts and materials necessary to assemble, test, and decorate wheelchairs for donation.

Group Size: 25 to 1000+
Team Size: 8 to 10
Program Length: 1.5 to 2 hours


  • Event Coordination
  • Event Staff
  • 2 Wheelchairs per team of 8-10 members
  • Decorations
  • Tools
  • Materials and Supplies
  • Coordination with Charity
  • Sound and Music

This Corporate Social Responsibility program will help disabled Americans and local non-profits serving people with serious mobility issues. Our Build-a-Wheelchair program will touch your team’s heart and make it an inspiring day that all will remember.

After a fun icebreaker to get everyone in gear, your group will be formed into teams. Each team will receive a set of puzzles, trivia and challenges to solve that can be customized for your organization.

Tools such as organization, delegation, collaboration, and some light mechanical skills will be required for this challenge.

After your teams have built their wheelchairs, they will proceed to the Safety Inspection station for certification.

Now the excitement mounts as the entire team takes turns attempting to maneuver through our exhilarating obstacle course! This timed competitive event will help your group understand the difficulties faced by their fellow wheelchair-bound Americans.

At the conclusion of this fun and important CSR program, a representative from a charity that deals with people in need of wheelchairs will make a surprise visit to receive the donation and to thank the participants for their generosity.

Aspects of the program may be modified depending on variables including, but not limited to, venue restrictions, program length, and group siz